5 Best Valorant Agents for Dominating the Abyss

Zeeshan Ali



Amping things up is Valorant’s latest map, the Abyss, and the community is excited to venture into this unique battleground. You must be too! However, to conquer the Abyss map, you’ll need Valorant top agents; fret not because we’ve got you covered! Be sure to load up your valorant cards before exploring the Abyss map.


Get ready to unveil the best Valorant agents who will use the Abyss’s distinctive layout and winding passageways to their advantage. Did I mention that it also has a no-boundaries perilous design? Only the top Valorant agents will dominate! If you still don’t own all the Valorant agents, you might want to consider getting one of U7BUY’s Valorant accounts for sale. With that, let’s begin.

Valorant Jett

Is there any Valorant map where Jett doesn’t fit in? This duelist’s abilities perfectly complement the Abyss’ no-boundaries design, verticality, and long-range fights. Use her passive and take advantage of the danger drop locations on the Abyss map. On top of that, sniping is one of her specialties; she can thus use the operator to take advantage of the tunnel vision and win duels in mid.


Not only is she agile, but she can safely evade after attacking using her quick dash; this is a very strategic move. Her updraft abilities are a bonus when it comes to the Abyss map.

Raze Valorant

This is another duelist whose abilities go perfectly with the Abyss map’s features. Use her blast pack to navigate the Abyss map easily; you’ll even be able to reach places other Valorant agents can’t. That’s not all! With the blast pack, you can send enemies flying out of the Abyss’ boundaries.


The Abyss map’s narrow corridors give Raze an added advantage by making it difficult to evade her paint shells grenade, friendly boombot, and showstopper ultimate. Awesome right?

Valorant Omen

Get ready to cover the Abyss in darkness with this Valorant top agent. Omen is a meta-controller agent who can access vantage points within the Abyss’ map and give cover to teammates. What’s most exciting is his shadowed step ability, which allows him to travel the map in astonishing ways. His Paranoia ability is difficult to dodge thanks to the Abyss’ narrow corridors. 

Breach Valorant

You might not have needed him before, but you will now! When it comes to the Abyss’ high walls and verticality, Breach becomes an essential character. With Breach, you can clear crucial angles and pathways for your duelists. His abilities make Breach one of the best valorant agents to have in the Abyss.


You’ll find that your opponents will have a hard time dodging his flashpoints and a harder time destroying them. Even more formidable is his Rolling Thunder Ultimate, which will most likely knock your opponents off the Abyss map, not forgetting his aftershock ability, which will come in handy.

Valorant Viper

Control the battlefield with Viper, one of the top Valorant agents in the game, and now the Abyss. With the Abyss map’s large size, her smoke strategies will be invaluable to you. What’s more, she can create an indestructible wall of smoke using her poison cloud orb that will not only block enemy chokepoints but will also cause damage as they attempt to enter site areas.


Viper’s snake bite and poison cloud orb are crucial to clearing many angles.


With that, we come to the end of this exciting topic. You can now enter the Abyss with the best Valorant agents and reign supreme! For more exciting news on your favorite games, head over to U7BUY. Happy gaming!


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