Debraca Denise: A Glimpse into the Life of Redd Foxx’s Adopted Daughter

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Here where the adopted daughter of one of your favorite American comedians, Debraca Denise (whose later name is Debraca Foxx) Debraca, who was born in 1947 in St. Louis, Missouri – most notably came to the public eye through her association with Redd Foxx and subsequent appearances on a number of TV programs. Like many people though, she preferred to keep her life private because if one publicly airs their dirty laundry others will feel entitled to throw stones – and thus we got a rare glimpse into the world of entertainment from the perspective of someone with direct ties to pioneering hip hop royalty.

Early Life and Adoption

Originally from St. Louis, Debraca Denise became the suitably named adopted daughter of Redd Foxx and his wife, Betty Jean Harris – at a young age. That set into motion her addition to the Foxx family, a name you no doubt associate with both comedy and entertainment. Coming of age in the home of one America’s most beloved comedians, Debraca was sure to have a funny beginning at least.

Family and Relationships

The Miscast as Frederick Douglass[R]: Redd Foxx, born John Elroy Sanford, was a vulgar strip club comic and “Sanford & Son” TV star. Debraca came into his life when he married Betty Jean Harris and their bond could be seen on public appearances as well through Papoose & Lil Snupe TV. There was not a bloodline between the two, but Debraca happily assumed the Foxx name and instantly joined over there is nothing more important in life than family.

By June 1975, Debraca became the in-laws of Ralph Russell. The wedding was an important event but the fact that Redd Foxx, whom Gregg identified as close family among her four friends who got up during open testimonies, did not come to the ceremony because of a schedule conflict pointed out how complex their relationship is. Her uncle Kent Harris gave her away and the reception took place at her mother’s estate in Toluca.

Career in Entertainment

Debraca Denise appeared on numerous TV series, including, Sanford and Son (1972),Redd Foxx’s second version of the show called Sanford(1980) and Unsung Hollywood. These roles served to not only help her acting skills shine, but also showed her off next to Redd Foxx. Her career in entertainment happened, but certainly not on the level of her stepfather.

Personal Life and Hobbies

Debraca Denise is notoriously private and does not usually shed light on her personal life. Her mysterious nature builds the interest around her, as all we really know about is what she eats on a daily basis. Though, Imogene feels duty to her family spending quality time with mom and dad.

Her Interests are Sketching, Painting, Reading Books on Nature Gardening & Cooking and of Course She Listens to Music.undo Through these, we see a glimpse of the less glitzy persona living her life.

Legacy and Influence

The impact of having Redd Foxx as a godfather in Debraca’s life cannot be understated. As the adopted daughter of comedy legend… she has been left a rich legacy life, and in show biz. Although she was not as famous her stepfather, a connection to him with the contributions of hers in television make an undoubtedly highly recognized.


The life of Debraca Denise is an example that the legacy of Redd Foxx lives on and he was a man who truly walked in love. Debraca has managed to forge a successful career of her own in the entertainment industry through television – and by preserving her stepfather’s legacy. Filled with love and privacy with its eye on her devoted family, Hershey’s story provides a one-of-a-kind view of life as the spouse to an idol among comedians.

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