Essential Craft Supplies Every DIY Enthusiast Needs

Liza Cruz

Do you have a TikTok DIY project saved on your phone for a long time? Or a YouTube inspo you are eager to try? Whether you are an expert wanting to extend your passion in crafts, a beginner, or someone who just wants to cure boredom, a good head start is to find the most important crafting materials for your plans. Bring creativity into your home with these essential craft supplies every DIY enthusiast needs:

Do Not Forget The Classics

  1. Paper

Plain white, colored, soft, or hard papers—bring them all to the table. You can use them for multiple projects, such as origami, paper lanterns, garlands, wreaths, bookmarks, or greeting cards. They are also very affordable and can sustain endless possibilities for DIY ideas.

  1. Scissors

Most papers involve cutting, so invest in a good-quality pair of scissors. You can create shapes, adjust sizes, and experiment with other supplies such as cardboard, paper bags, cloths, and cartons. If you like having your kids help you while crafting, make sure to buy scissors safe for children so you can enjoy the experience together without worries.

  1. Glue and Adhesive Tapes

You will need various types of adhesives for different purposes. Make sure to include double-sided tapes, washi tapes, adhesive glue, stick glue, and a glue gun on your table. Use them based on their purpose to achieve the strength and bond needed in your craft. 

  1. Ruler and Measuring Tape

Working on DIY crafts is like being an engineer. This is where you apply Mathematics from school. To be successful in your projects, you must follow the correct measurements and required dimensions. It is advisable to use transparent rulers so that what you’re measuring is visible to you, making it easier to get accurate measurements.

  1. Markers

This is basically anything you can use to write – try the most common types: ball pens, felt-tip pens, pencils, crayons, and colored pencils. If you want to elevate your writings and drawings, use charcoal, calligraphy pens, metallic pens, chalk, and more. Bring more words, colors, and variety to your craft.

Extra Supplies To Bring It To The Next Level

  1. Paint and Paint Brushes

Aside from saving money from buying painted projects and crafts, you can create a personalized DIY based on your preferences and ideas. Your imagination could be used a lot in the process, so get crazy and express yourself through those strokes.

  1. Sewing Machine and Threads

If you want to venture into the sewing life and customize your own shirts, dresses, curtains, tablecloths, towels, or aprons but are too tired to hand sew them, you definitely need to own these. It is good to use a sewing machine to achieve that speed and precision in your projects. Pair it with good-quality threads and start your tailoring journey.

  1. Yarns and Crochet Hooks

Crocheting and knitting are good ways to pass the time and create cute hats, keychains, and clothes. You need yarn, hooks, and scissors to do them. Yarns come in different types and colors. Cotton yarns are advisable for beginners and advanced crocheters alike.

  1. Storage Box

You do not want your new crafting supplies everywhere and unorganized, and you do not want to keep losing them and buying a new one. Save your time and money by owning a good storage box to keep them all intact and organized. If you have children at home, make sure to keep it out of their reach.

Make sure you have listed these DIY essentials in your shopping list the next time you go to a store. With all these supplies as your sidekicks, you can start creating and expanding your creativity in your home or outside. It is also a productive activity that can add to your lifestyle, so it’s really a win-win situation for you.


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