What Are Gel Candles and How Do You Add Fragrance to Them?

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Gel candles are made from candle making supplies that combine polymer resin and mineral oil. These transparent candles have a high level of clarity that allows them to produce more luminescence than traditional candles. Gel candles infuse various fragrances and burn longer than paraffin candles, making them durable and long-lasting. Below is a detailed discussion of gel candles and how to add fragrance to them:

Gel Candles Versus Conventional Candles

Unlike traditional candles, gel candles are made from gel, which gives them a transparent and unique texture. The gel, which is typically a combination of polymer resin and mineral oil, allows for the inclusion of various decorative elements. Gel candles are easier to work with than traditional wax candles. Their jelly-like transparent nature allows for more light to reflect than standard candles. The clear gel is also customizable, which extends the options for candle designs.

How to Make Gel Candles

The process of making gel candles is straightforward. You will require several candle making supplies, including gel wax, a melting pot, candle wicks, liquid dye, and fragrance oils. You may also include other optional ingredients, such as decorative items, glue dots, and wick embeds.

While there are multiple methods for making gel candles, you can follow a five-step process to create your own piece. The first step involves gathering all materials, including both ingredients and equipment. Then, put your gel into the melting pot and place it on a stove burner. Next, heat the gel in the melting pot and keep it at a steady temperature. Once the gel becomes a clear liquid, attach your candle wick to the bottom center of your container or mold. Gel candles require large wicks due to their long burning times. You can use hot glue, a small black tape, or a dot of melted gel to attach the wick.

Next, you add color and fragrance to the molten gel in the melting pot. Only a small amount of liquid dye is needed to color the gel. You should stir the mixture thoroughly to allow the color and fragrance to mix with the gel properly. This prevents clouding or distorted appearance when the candle cools down. Then, you pour the molten gel into the container or mold. Allow the gel to cool slightly before pouring it into the container. To make a layered candle, wait a few minutes after every pour to create distinct layers.

Tips for Adding Fragrance to Gel Candles

Gel candles are made with fragrance oils with specific qualities, like a standard flashpoint. Flashpoint is the temperature at which a substance will ignite when exposed to a flame. Your chosen fragrance oil should meet the flashpoint threshold so the candle burns safely.

You also need to check if the fragrance oil is compatible with your gel wax. Measure the tested fragrance oil to make sure that you are adding the recommended amount for your gel wax. This will help prevent overloading of the gel, which can cause burning and clarity issues. Once the fragrance oil is added to the gel, the mixture should be stirred thoroughly to distribute the fragrance evenly. You can also test a small amount of a gel and fragrance combination to make sure it produces the smell you want. This step makes sure that you get the right scent before making a large batch of gel candles.

Safety Tips

The container or mold used for making gel candles should be heat-resistant to withstand the heat of molten gel. When heating the gel wax, make sure to avoid overheating to prevent the formation of unwanted bubbles. You should also melt the gel wax in a well-ventilated area. This is because molten gel and the added fragrance oils can produce unwanted fumes. Handle molten gel wax with care to avoid accidents and spills.

Include Fragrance Oils in Your Gel Candle Making Supplies Today

Including fragrance oils as part of your candle-making supplies will allow you to give your candle a unique scent. The fragrance you choose for your gel candle should produce the scent you want and have an even throw. An experienced candle supplier can help you choose the right fragrance for your gel candle. Contact these suppliers today and learn how they can help you.


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